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Monday, 16 Mar 2015
Due to the ever increasing demand for our services, we have recently grown the team to include a seventh Inspector, and created a new Inspectorate... more
Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015
Just two weeks before Christmas, Aggie, a 5 month old Cattle Dog cross was hit by a car and left to suffer. Aggie was found by a member of the... more
Monday, 09 Mar 2015
After almost 12 months at SPCA Auckland, Fly, a 2 year old German Shepherd and Whippet mix has finally found her forever home.  Fly has been... more
Wednesday, 04 Mar 2015
A cat who was shot in the eye with an arrow last night is recovering surprisingly well after surgery at an Auckland vet clinic. SPCA Auckland will be... more
Monday, 15 Dec 2014
An Auckland woman has been sentenced today in the Auckland District court following a case involving 50 cats living in disgusting conditions, with 22... more
Wednesday, 03 Dec 2014
New Zealand fashion brand Saben and their friends have put their ‘paws’ together to create a limited edition print to adorn t-shirts and... more
Sunday, 05 Oct 2014
As temperatures heat up, cats in Auckland suburbs are getting hot under the collar and eyeing-up potential mates. These feline encounters lead to... more
Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014
SPCA Auckland is being inundated with thousands of kittens that have been born unwanted every year. Many of these births could be prevented if people... more
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