Pet Insurance

Pet-n-Sur is here to help provide protection for your valued family pet.

With today's advancements in available pet medical treatments, vet bills are climbing. Unlike medical bills for humans, there are no Government subsidies for vet visits, consultations, animal medication or pet surgery. If something is seriously wrong with your treasured pet the cure can be expensive. And the costs aren’t going down.

The SPCA has partnered with Pet-n-Sur to offer quality and cost effective insurance plans that can help cover the surgical and medical bills for your pet. By choosing one of the Pet-n-Sur plans that suit your needs and budget, you can make sure that your precious family pets get the very best of veterinary care.

By taking out a Pet-n-Sur plan you are also helping to support Auckland's animals. Pet-n-Sur donate 10% of each premium to help support the animals at SPCA Auckland.

Why choose the SPCA Pet Protection Plan?

  • Support - 10% of every new premium is donated to SPCA Auckland.
  • Great value - the SPCA Pet Protection Plan offers up to $4,105 cover for around $1 a day.
  • Peace of Mind - it is estimated 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected vet treatment every 12 months.
  • Pet Wellbeing - your plan will include an annual care and vaccination contribution.


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