What We Do

SPCA Auckland helps protect approximately 15,000 animals in Auckland every year. Animals who are sick, injured, lost, abused or simply abandoned. We are the only charity with the power to protect all animals including prosecuting people under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. We rely entirely on the generosity of the community to do our work as we receive no government funding. 
Find out about the six key ways we are protecting Auckland’s animals in need:

Prevent Cruelty

We work with the community to prevent cruelty and encourage the humane treatment of all animals.


Animal Rescue

Our SPCA Auckland Inspectors work on the front line rescuing animals who have been in an accident, abused or abandoned.


Seek Justice

The SPCA is the only charity with legal power under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 to help animals in need.



In the SPCA Auckland hospital animals receive everything from routine health checks and vaccinations, to life-saving surgery.


Shelter and Re-home

We provide a safe haven for animals that have nowhere else to go. We give them love, care and a roof over their heads.



Our education program teaches compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals to improve the lives of all animals.