About SPCA Auckland

Our mission: To encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty being inflicted upon them.

Our values: Compassion – Trust – Integrity – Courage – Responsibility

Our charities number: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Incorporated is a registered charity with Charities Services (CC36223)

Our structure: SPCA Auckland is an independent member society lead by a CEO and governed by a voluntary board of 10 directors.  All directors are members of the society. 

Our strategy

  • Advocate and influence
  • Positive animal outcomes
  • Create awareness and drive engagement
  • Deliver and effective enforcement service
  • Ensure financial and organisational sustainability
  • People

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Annual Reports: A copy of our annual report be downloaded by clicking on the links below

2015/16 Annual Report

2014/15 Annual Report

Proposed Changes to SPCA Auckland Rules

2013/14 Annual Report

2012/13 Annual Report

2011/12 Annual Report

History of the SPCA 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was founded in England in 1824 and is recognised as the world’s oldest and most influential animal welfare organisation.

The SPCA in Auckland was founded on 10th October 1883 and is the second oldest SPCA in New Zealand. It was moved that a Society be formed in Auckland for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by encouraging a considerate feeling for them and, when necessary, prosecuting anyone who may be guilty of cruelty.

Anyone found guilty of cruelties perpetuated on defenceless animals would be subject under the Act to a fine of up to 20 pounds (or for keeping animals for fighting or baiting up to 100 pounds).

Since those early beginnings SPCA Auckland has continued to grow as the city of Auckland has expanded. In 1983 it moved from Auckland City to the 10 acre site where it currently resides today. While there have been numerous changes over the years, the mission of the Society remains that same - to encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty being inflicted upon them.

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