Help us build a doggie playground!

03 Feb 2017
obstacal course 207

Imagine a world where SPCA dogs can slip down slides, climb up ramps, run through tunnels and experience fun for the first time in their lives! 

With help from animal lovers like you this is possible.

We are excited to announce that we are building our very own doggie playground!

But we need your help to raise $25,000 this month. A donation of just $25 will help build this playground so dogs can build their confidence.

You can give all the dogs at the SPCA an even better life before they go off to their forever homes.

We see so many dogs arriving at our shelter who have never known a normal and happy life.

We have blind, deaf or three-legged dogs needing to learn to navigate. There are dogs that have been chained up their whole life and have never experienced anything outside of their backyard.

There are dogs that have never seen a toy or a ball in their life. Will you teach them how to play?

This doggie playground is not just for fun, it will also change lives. It is designed to familiarise dogs with everyday objects to help prepare them for life outside the SPCA. We will introduce them to different walking surfaces, street signs, poles, ramps, tunnels and more.

It will build confidence, provide them with mental stimulation, improve coordination and turn them into the happy, self-confident pups they deserve to be!

You may remember the story of Banjo, our blind and deaf dog who learnt how to enjoy life again on Inspector Kevin's home obstacle course. After being found alone in the bush, this experience helped Banjo become confident despite her tough start in life.

We are desperately reaching out to all our animal loving supporters like you to donate in order to make our doggie playground a reality.

It will mean so much to all of our dogs looking for some much needed guidance and fun!

Together we can make this happen, so donate $25 today and soon our dogs will be able to play their past away!