SPCA appeals for help after kittens found on motorway

16 Jun 2017
car kitty

 Update: With the help of further witnesses, our Inspectors have investigated and believe that these kittens have fallen out of the engine well while the car was on the motorway.

It's a good reminder to everyone that kittens often hide in car engines to keep warm during winter - and to take extra care.

The good news is that this kitten (who we've named Beyonce) is recovering well and is very happy and smoochy.


The SPCA is urgently appealing for help from the public after two kittens were thrown from a moving car on an Auckland motorway.

A witness saw the two kittens being hurled from the car early yesterday afternoon , near the Greenhithe Bridge heading toward Albany.

One kitten survived the incident with minor injuries, but her sibling died, the SPCA said.

The survivor was rescued by the SPCA and is being treated at its Auckland Animal Hospital.

 "SPCA Auckland Inspectors are investigating this case and we're asking anyone who has information or was a witness to please come forward urgently," SPCA Auckland chief executive Andrea Midgen said.

"This is a despicable act that inflicted serious pain and suffering on two innocent cats. It's important that those responsible for this cruelty are held accountable."

This is the second time in a week that the SPCA Auckland has asked the public for help over an animal cruelty case.

Pippi the cat was found on Auckland's North Shore last Friday with her ears cut off; she was reunited with her owners after a public appeal.

Inspectors would be doing everything possible to investigate the latest case, Midgen said.

"We want to send a clear message to all Aucklanders that intentionally harming and causing injuries to animals is absolutely unacceptable."

Anyone driving in Greenhithe yesterday who witnessed the incident can call SPCA Auckland (09) 256 7300.