SPCA Auckland launches new desexing initiative

30 Jun 2017
desexing grant

SPCA Auckland is launching a new desexing initiative to help animal across the city.

From July 1, SPCA Auckland will help local rescue organisations fund the cost of desexing pets around Auckland. This project will desex all species in any location across the city and was started to try and reduce the number of animals being abandoned, abused and in Auckland each year. 

SPCA Head of Veterinary Services Shalsee Vigeant says desexing is one of the key ways to improve animal welfare in New Zealand. 
“Auckland has a serious problem with stray animals. In summer SPCA Auckland can have 100 animals come through our door in a single day. Every day I see unloved and unwanted animals with nowhere else to go,” says Shalsee.

“But SPCA Auckland can only do so much. The best way for us to make a real difference is by working with other rescue organisations to reach more animals. 

“Desexing is absolutely key in preventing cruelty to animals. By offering financial help to other rescue organisations, we can work together to achieve out common goal – a city without abandoned, abused and neglected animals.”

SPCA Auckland already runs targeted cat desexing campaigns across Auckland suburbs responsible for a significant number of the cats and kittens who arrive at the Centre. This new initiative is aimed at further addressing the high number of abandoned and unwanted animals in the wider community, and working together with other rescues to create a better future for Auckland’s animals.

To apply for a desexing grant from SPCA Auckland, local rescue organisations who are registered charities can fill out an application form on the SPCA Auckland website here.

Applications are open until July 31 2017.