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Animal ID: 287770

1 year
Mixed Breed
Older teenagers
I would prefer to be the youngest dog or your only pet
Little Rascal

My story

I came into the SPCA with an Inspector as my owner wasn't able to give me the time or care I needed. I am currently enjoying being fostered by a member of the canine team and have settled in wonderfully to the calm home.

What's special about me

This intelligent girl would be ideal for someone who is just as enthusiastic to get stuck in to training  as she is to learn. She's done her best to impress us with her manners so far, but her new owners will need to keep it up or else this rascal is liable to run rings around you!

She would be a brilliant dog for someone who loves the energy and optimistic spirit of bull breed type dogs. She loves to zoom around with other dogs, so long as they can match her high speed rough and tumble games. 

She'll be the perfect shadow for someone who'll relish the demanding nudges (literally) for attention. She wants to sit on your lap as badly and she wants you to throw that toy for her! And while she'll settle down in her crate she's got a definite preference for snuggling up on the sofa next to you. 

She's got such a bubbly attitude that whatever you decide you want to do (so long as she can tag along) it's her favorite part of the day. She's only just gotten a taste of what the world has to offer since being at foster, and while all these new experiences have been a little worrisome at times for her, she can't wait to find a home all of her own. 

How to adopt

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