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Tito, Marlon, Jackie

Animal ID: 287330, 287331, 287332,

Young Adult

My story

Jackie, Tito, and Marlon found themselves in a sad situation, when as young chucks they were brought here because their previous owners discovered they weren't allowed to keep them after being born because they couldn't have too many roosters on the property. So, alas they made their way to the SPCA Auckland and set up home in one of our rooster coops together. This was nearly 3 months ago, and the boys are still here! Their brothers Michael and Jermaine have since been adopted.

What's special about me

These three are pretty friendly and will hang around your feet whilst they await tasty morsels to be fed to them, they can't get enough of their food and like to peck away all day. Tito has since been seperated from his brothers, but Marlon and Jackie are happy to chill out together, and equally would be absolutely fine being split up and going to separate homes. More than anything they would love it if they had some lady friends to look often, so if you are considering a friend for your hens, make sure you check out these boys. 

They enjoy frolicking outside, soaking up the suns warm rays, and seem to have taken really well towards humans and really enjoy company. If you have a rural home looking for some fellows to brighten the place up with some great tunes and great company, come and visit them today.

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