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Animal ID: 266711

3 years +
Maggie is best suited to an adult, rabbit savvy, experienced home
A bond with a gentle, desexed male might be what she needs
Agouti and White

My story

Maggie has been here before! This strong-headed, smart, female bunny has found her way here again, after it not quite working out in her last home. She has been in a couple of indoor homes before but it hasn't suited her energetic nature. She is high energy yet also needs company and entertainment.

We are imploring to the bunny world, looking for that perfect person, a home where she can be given the chance of a lifetime to thrive in a free-range, bunny-proof set up.  

What's special about me

Maggie is smart and sensitive and has so many good qualities, mingled with an insecurity to fully relax and fully trust. She didn't manage to bond with a rabbit in the past but we have hope that with the right person; in the right, large outdoor area that maybe, just maybe, she can get that 24 hour company she appears to crave. A large, desexed, gentle male, sounds like the ticket to us. Or if you want just one rabbit she could be your girl.

Staff can provide more help and information, please feel free to come and visit or ask more questions via email

How to adopt

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