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Thank you for your interest in fostering small animals or farm animals from SPCA Auckland?

Foster families are vital to the work of SPCA Auckland, and we simply couldn't help the huge number of animals we do without foster families, who provide love and care for animals in their own homes every year.

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Please note: you will need to be 18 years or over to foster an animal.

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Terms & Conditions

Fostering an animal is a big, but rewarding commitment. Before you submit your application, please carefully read and agree to these terms and conditions:

  1. The animal(s) shall remain the sole property of SPCA Auckland and shall be returned to SPCA Auckland upon request, or if I am no longer able to adequately care for them.
  2. Should the SPCA be concerned about the treatment or care of the fostered animals they will be removed from my possession. I accept the SPCA may wish to inspect my property at any time.
  3. I agree to transport the fostered animals to the SPCA when required including attending veterinary appointments.
  4. I understand that I do not have any right or authority to keep or place foster animal(s) in other homes or with other individuals.  All arrangements must have the prior approval of, and be made through the foster co-ordinator.
  5. I agree to follow all medical and other care instructions.
  6. I understand I must make arrangements with the foster co-ordinator before bringing the fostered animals in for treatment or to be returned.
  7. I understand that all foster animals should be confined to areas away from my own pets for at least the first 10 days, especially for the same species.
  8. I understand that in the event of illness or medical treatment needed for my foster animal(s), SPCA Auckland veterinarians must be used, unless agreed to by SPCA Auckland.
  9. I understand that in some circumstances SPCA Auckland may decide that euthanasia is necessary, and I agree to abide by this decision.
  10. I understand that animals may be unpredictable and, at times, may present a risk to health and safety. I accept that while an animal is in my care, SPCA Auckland is not able to control the behaviour of a foster animal and may cause damage to vehicles and property.
  11. I agree that SPCA Auckland does not have any liability for the safety or roadworthiness of my vehicle while I transport foster animal(s) in my private vehicle and I do so at my own risk.
  12. I agree not to publish any photos or other information on SPCA foster animals on Facebook or other websites.
  13. I agree to return any food, supplies and equipment to SPCA Auckland on completion of fostering.
  14. This contract will remain in force while I am fostering animals on behalf of SPCA Auckland and it may be revoked  at any time by either party.
  15. I understand that the return of foster animals is dependant upon space available at SPCA and that sometimes there may be delays in being able to return the animals to the SPCA due to a shortage of space.

Please type and initial your name below. By typing this, you are agreeing to the above conditions.

Thank you for your application!

This application form is a source of information which will be used by the SPCA to assist it in considering your suitability as a fosterer.  If successful, such information shall form part of the SPCA’s foster records.  Failure to supply the information requested would prejudice the SPCA’s ability to assess your suitability for fostering. Information on this form shall be retained by the SPCA for a period of 12 months. The information remains confidential to SPCA Auckland. The above information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

If you don't hear from us within 5 business days, please call 256 2525 or email

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an SPCA Auckland foster parent. Please note that our applications for fostering all animals are currently on hold due to high application numbers. Please keep this page bookmarked to keep an eye on applications reopening.

The SPCA Foster Team