SPCA Annual Appeal: Give for Justice

We see a lot of shocking cases of abuse and neglect at SPCA Auckland and unfortunately Maggie's story is not uncommon. Will you be a hero for abused and neglected animals like Maggie?  


The first day he met puppy Maggie, SPCA Inspector Jason was shocked.

“Maggie was just nine months old and she had one of the worst collar wounds I’d ever seen. It was deep, infected and she would have been in serious pain.” 

Maggie’s owner never took her to get the vet treatment she so obviously needed for this horrible injury.

Instead, he tied her up in different part of his yard so his children wouldn’t be upset by the injury.

She was left tied up in the backyard, suffering alone. 

Together we can give animals at risk – across the Auckland region – a second chance at life.  

We cannot do this alone. Will you join us? 

Inspector Jason took Maggie for immediate veterinary treatment: “The chain around her neck had to be removed with bolt cutters, leaving a wound that was around 90% of poor Maggie’s neck.”

The veterinarian believes the wound was progressively getting worse for about eight weeks. It’s hard to believe that no one cared enough to do anything about it.

When our Inspectors find animals like Maggie who are hurting and afraid, it's your support that gives them vet care, shelter and food. 

Please give for justice. Abused and neglected animals depend on you. 


Today, Maggie's tragic past is behind her and she lives with a loving family with lots of space to run and play. 

Maggie is just one of the animals featured on this year's SPCA List of Shame. The annual list reveals the details of 10 of the most shameful animal abuse cases across New Zealand this year. 

Click here to view the 2017 List of Shame 

It costs the SPCA around $ 9million each year to run the Inspectorate that rescues neglected animals and prosecutes animal offenders.

Many people think that this funding comes from the Government, but almost every dollar comes from people just like you. Please donate today. Animals like Maggie need you.