SPCA's new animal welfare education programme teaches compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals.  The programme helps children recognise that all creatures matter, not just those we regard as cute, friendly, or economically beneficial.
We have taken an evidence-based approach to inform the design and construction of our exciting new animal welfare education programme.



The programme integrates into the New Zealand Curriculum subjects our schools already teach; and communicates within real-life, meaningful contexts. When combined with effective teaching practices our pilot study has proved SPCA's resources can:

  • Develop students' knowledge and understandings of animal welfare
  • Support students' social and emotional development
  • Support citizenship education
  • Develop values and encourage empathy, compassion, a sense of responsibility and duty of care for animals
  • Support teaching and learning of the NZC Learning Areas.


Ways to help

Volunteer, foster an animal or get involved in an event - there are lots of other ways to get involved.

Animal Care

Learn about caring for your pet as well as legal Minimum Standards for care.  

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