Prevent Cruelty

SPCA Auckland works with the community to prevent cruelty and encourage the humane treatment of all animals.  This means rescuing animals in need, providing medical care, and love and shelter for them at our animal village in Mangere.  It also means prosecuting people who deliberately harm animals, and working with offenders to ensure that it does not happen again.

Here at SPCA Auckland we do everything we can to ensure that all animals in the Auckland region – from Wellsford to Port Waikato – are being looked after. Like you, we want everyone in our area to know how to look after their animals and give them the love and respect they deserve.

Animal welfare campaigns: We actively campaign on a wide range of animal welfare issues.  Areas of focus have included seeking a ban on animal testing for psychoactive substances, protesting against intensive farming, and pursuing a ban on leg hold traps and electric collars.

Education: Educating future generations is key to improving animal welfare in New Zealand. SPCA Auckland's unique online education resource, aimed at primary and intermediate children, is designed to integrate into all areas of the New Zealand curriculum, making animal welfare a real life meaningful context to apply and learn curriculum subjects through.

Animal Welfare Act review: A large part of our work is helping animal owners to abide by the Animal Welfare Act 1999.  The act has been under review and we have been working hard to achieve real change through improved welfare standards, which will ultimately improve the lives of animals across New Zealand.  We have made detailed submissions to parliament and will continue to represent animals during both the review of the act and its implementation.

Find out how to report a Case of Cruelty or Neglect

Someone didn’t care if these puppies lived or died

These pups were found in a sack, by a member of the public. They were just six weeks old at the time.

Shockingly someone had dumped these puppies on the side of the road, and left them to die. They could easily have been hit by a car, or died of starvation or exposure. Thankfully, they were found before it was too late. Sadly, at SPCA Auckland, we see cases like this all too often.


Last year at SPCA Auckland ...

15,145 - animals came through our doors9,359

animals sought shelter and care

12,213 - found new homes2,127

schools are now able to access the SPCA Education programme

2,745 - were united with their owners4,241

desexing operations performed

  • Rehabilitate
  • Animal Rescue
  • Prevent Cruelty
  • Shelter and Rehome
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  • Prevent Cruelty
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  • Rehabilitate
  • Animal Rescue
  • Prevent Cruelty
  • Shelter and Rehome
  • Seek Justice
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Animal Care

Learn about caring for your pet as well as legal Minimum Standards for care.