Shelter and Rehome

We provide a safe haven for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals. We give them love, care and a roof over their heads until we can find them a new forever home.

Whether they have just arrived, are currently undergoing medical treatment, or are waiting to be adopted, every animal deserves a warm bed and shelter. Here at the SPCA Animal Village our staff and volunteers work to ensure that every animal is loved and cared for on their journey to finding a new home.

As well as food and shelter, each animal enjoys different forms of enrichment from toys for the cats to play time in our off leash area for dogs.  We have even had a pig that liked to play soccer!

Matching the right home with the right animal is essential.  A persons lifestyle, property and experience with animals are all important factors that are considered before an adoption is approved. Our animal team and volunteers work hard to ensure that every animal finds the best forever home for them.  

Adopting a new family member is a big decision, as it is a commitment to care for that animal for the rest of its life.  Before adopting we recommending reading through our how to adopt page.  Click here to view animals for adoption.

Found wandering the streets of Mangere...

Zahara was found wandering on the streets of Mangere.  She was picked up by Animal Control who immediately contacted SPCA when they saw her injuries.  She was frightened and scared, but showed no aggression.   

Her collar was a length of chain wound around her neck with a small length that dangled below. It was on so tight that it had cut through the skin and into her muscle. This type of injury takes weeks or even months to develop.  Her wound was infected and would soon be life-threatening 

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Last year at SPCA Auckland ...

15,145 - animals came through our doors9,359

animals sought shelter and care

12,213 - found new homes546

families provided temporary foster homes for animals 

2,745 - were united with their owners2,532

people volunteered their time to help care for animals

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  • Rehabilitate
  • Animal Rescue
  • Prevent Cruelty
  • Shelter and Rehome
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